The course of the history of Gayson & Co. Pvt. Ltd. was shaped by the illustrious journey of the Modern Group of Companies which began in 1974 with Rana Udyog Pvt. Ltd., a rolling mill manufacturer.

The success of Rana Udyog paved the way for bigger and smarter moves. Besides making further inroads into the domestic market, the export market was soon to be explored through Gayson.

The Group started growing rapidly. Bharat Roll Industry Pvt. Ltd. was soon to join Rana Udyog. Eventually Modern India Steel Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd., Modern Ispat Pvt. Ltd. and Modern India Con-Cast Ltd. followed suit.

The Group started from supplying rolls to steel rolling mills around the globe. Eventually a plethora of other items including manganese alloys started making way into the steel industry worldwide.