Mission and Vision


Our mission is to retain and further consolidate our leadership in the steel industry scenario worldwide. That we are the largest exporter of manganese alloys from India provides us with the all important impetus to keep thriving and partnering the global development phenomenon. Our journey to where we are today has not been free of challenges. We do realize how precious what we have achieved is. Thus, our success has only instilled into us the indomitable faith in hard work and dedication, rather than complacency. We therefore, ceaselessly look to raise the bar for all our Group Companies, and strive to achieve more.


We would continue being an epitome of trust in the world of steel. We pledge to keep on adhering to high standards and quality. Our Group Companies would always look to embrace the newest and best technologies, so that we can keep enhancing the quality of our products and services. We would forever remain a coveted workplace, and a powerhouse of topnotch professionals. Furthermore, we would pride ourselves being regarded as a responsible corporate citizen.